Blair Waldorf-ing It: Be a girly Gossip Girl in Manhattan-ready feminine fashion

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— Scroll down to the bottom of the post for outfit details —

Sometimes, when I open my wardrobe doors and gaze at the rack of clothes I’ve worn a million times, the first thought on my mind is, WWBWW? That is, What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?

Anyone who’s watched ‘Gossip Girl’ knows that Blair, the Manhattanite everyone secretly loves, is a lot of things. She’s sweet, scheming, and sometimes sardonic, but most of all, she’s stylish. She’s the stuff of preppy girl dreams: collared shirts, ballet flats, hairbands, tailored everything

So, today I decided I’m Blair Waldorf-ing it. I’ve got the structured coat, the skirt, the shirt-and-sweater combo, the bow-themed accessory…it’s all happening.






My last post featured my raspberry butterfly DeFacto sweater, and this time, I’ve got my plum top. Berry shades are the perfect non-neutral colour for winter and I’m loving them right now. They inject a hint of brightness, but they’re safe enough if you’re the kind who shies away from ‘loud’ colours like red or pink.

This one, from Laura Ashley, is actually just a long-sleeved top, but it’s roomy enough to use as a second layer so I’ve credited it as a sweater. Also, how sweet is that ribbon detailing on the neckline?






I adore this nude bag from Aldo and its bow accent. I bought it a couple of years ago and I’ve carried it everywhere since: university, the airport, on a shopping trip… It’s roomy and stylish, which is basically everything anyone wants from a bag. The style is so 1950s (which is the best fashion decade, in my opinion) and chics-up any outfit because it’s so feminine and ladylike.




I also love this white shirt (a wardrobe must-have) from DeFacto that I’ve used as an under-layer. It’s great for layering, and it’s the first one I’ve found that doesn’t bunch up under a sweater and look bulky. A baggy shirt just adds on the pounds and it doesn’t look good, so thanks a ton, DeFacto!

If you want more shirts like this, DeFacto’s got so many different colour options. Check them out here!







OUTFIT: ShirtDeFacto Sweater – Laura Ashley / SkirtAtmosphere at PrimarkCoat – Jane Norman / TightsBootsFlats – Dorothy Perkins / Bag – Aldo Lipstick The Body Shop / Nail Polish – Champneys


The Classic Camel Coat: Be winter warm in this comfy coat ft. Michael Kors

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The 3 Cs of winter: Classic, Camel, Coat.


— Scroll down to the bottom of the post for outfit details

Happy Thursday, all—the week is nearly over! I go back to university on Monday with a 9am class, so, personally, I’m hoping the days stretch out as long as possible from now until then!

My favourite thing about winter fashion is that you feel warm and toasty while the wind is billowing outside your coat. As with everyone, I like the cold, but I don’t like to feel cold! Speaking of which, it’s 5ºC and here I am without tights. Oops. Gives me an excuse to go shopping, though!


The camel coat, for me, is a wardrobe staple. It’s a shade that goes with pretty much everything—even mustard yellow—and I wear it a lot during the winter season. This one’s by Dorothy Perkins, and it’s got a loose fit so you can really go to town on layering underneath.


I always push in a bit of of brown or black into a camel-featuring outfit—the colour combinations are perfect. Burgundy or plum go really well, too. And I had to squeeze in a bit of purple—my name isn’t The Virgo Violet for nothing!



Droplets of rain on my bag. Of course it’s cloudy, grey, and raining for my first outfit post!


OUTFIT: DressH&M / SweaterDeFacto / CoatDorothy Perkins / BootsDorothy Perkins / BagMichael Kors / ScarfWhite RoseRingsTopshop / Lipstick – The Body Shop / Nail PolishChampneys


Photography courtesy of: my Mama.

New Year, New Blog

We are officially in 2017 territory; two days into it, actually.

For those of you who check out my posts, I used to post here on blogspot up until last week. WordPress seems to be the platform most bloggers use, so that’s the simple reason for my transition. You can have a read of some of my content on my blogspot page for a taste of what’s to come right here!

But 2017 is finally here and the days are flying by. In a couple of days, I’ll be going back to England, and, in under two weeks, I’ll be back at university to start my final ever spring semester.

This year for me, as with any graduate-to-be, is overwhelming and terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I could end up literally anywhere, especially with what I want to do, which is writing for a fashion, travel, or lifestyle magazine. But I could also graduate and not end up anywhere if I’m not careful and don’t play my cards right.

I’m hopeful, though, and positivity and optimism are two crucial mindsets to enter the new year with. Also, determination: I’m determined to push myself, to further my abilities, and to get myself known within my field. Blogging, I’ve seen, is one great way to do this. So, here’s hoping!

I’m actually going to focus on fashion and travel because that’s where my interests lie. I adore my fashion sense (as most people adore their own) and it hit me one day: why not share that with the world?

I’ve always been self-conscious about my looks, both face and body-wise. I hate being photographed because I feel awkward and out-of-proportion and am way too aware that the camera puts on 10 pounds. I’m exercising and have been on a strict diet since last February (though the Christmas season has, uh, sewed my trousers a bit tighter whoops), but I’m back on track.

But forcing myself to showcase my outfits which I have so much fun picking out will push me to get comfortable being in front of the camera and posing for the shots I want. Being confronted with the reality of this is important because it will get me to where I want to be. To be part of the fashion industry, you’ve got to be confident, no question. As a fashion blogger, I’ll be able to control the number of trial pictures I take before I put them on the blog, and so I won’t feel helpless.


How do you feel about being photographed?