Lutterell Hall Layabout: how to style a pastel pink coat with cut-off boyfriend jeans

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Hello! Here, in England, we’re finally getting a little taste of warmer Spring weather. It doesn’t feel like it yet, though, because I’m still having to layer and it’s raining like crazy. I love grey, rainy weather—it’s peaceful and pretty—but, as a fashion blogger, it’s a nightmare. It washes out the colour in every picture and makes editing a tough job.

And because Spring is just on the horizon, I’m breaking all the pastels—in particular, this candyfloss pink coat I also wore here in my Valentine’s Day post.It’s warm – but not stuffy—and it fits really nicely.


Selling at Peacocks for just £12, this black turtleneck is one of my favourite new piece of clothing. I bought it back in January and it’s perfect: the material is light enough that there’s breathing room, but it’s still warm; it’s close-fitted; it reminds me of the one Rachel wore here in ‘Friends’.


This belt is one of my all-time favourites: it’s super dramatic, with the faux Swarovski crystals studded around, and it adds that extra oomph to an otherwise muted outfit. PS. I am loving the olde-worlde feel of these black double doors behind me. So cool.


These chunky-heeled Mary Janes from Topshop are the best. They’re so comfy, and I don’t feel like I’m teetering on the edge like with stilettos and other skinny heels. I think they give everything a 90s feel, and it’s just all good.


OUTFIT: TopPeacocks / JeansH&M / CoatNew Look / HeelsTopshop / Bagvintage / Belt – (old)



Tweed ‘n’ Tassel: look chic and unique in workwear fit for the office

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Happy Hump Day! We’re finally passing the midweek signpost, and we’re officially in March! Spring is finally here! Can you tell I’m excited?


Even though I love winter and the cold weather, I can’t wait to wear a nice outfit and not have a coat cover it up. I also can’t wait for more sun and blue skies, and the beach in summer.




The only office job I’ve ever had has been through my work experience days in a newsroom. For that, obviously, you’ve got to dress smartly – no jeans, no super-low tops, no hats, and so on. But I feel like this outfit is super work-appropriate, down to the straight-legged, plain black trousers.


I got this cardigan from a secondhand boutique in Nottingham, and I fell in love with it right away. I couldn’t get over how Chanel-esque it was; the tweed, the tassels, the pearl detailing…it’s just beautiful.




This necklace, with its velvet ribbon and diamond-esque heart is reminiscent of Valentine’s Day, and way back when my last fashion post was (uh-oh, I’m slacking). I think it gives the outfit a little punch.


And, finally, the bag. I love it so much, and it really ties an outfit together.



OUTFIT: TopNew Look / TrousersTopshop / Cardigan – White Rose / Bagfrom TunisiaNecklacegift / EarringsI-AM / LipstickRimmel

Happy Pancake Day! Easy 3-ingredient, healthy recipe by Karlie Kloss

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Happy Pancake Day! It’s finally that time of year again, when we’re nearing Spring and we’re just that one step closer to Summer!




I look forward to Pancake Day every year – for obvious reasons! – but since I’m on a strict diet, I wanted something super healthy. I subscribe to Karlie Kloss’ Youtube channel, and quite some time ago, she posted a recipe video for 3-ingredient pancakes. Yes. Just THREE ingredients!

It looked super quick and easy which, if you’ve ever made pancakes yourself, you’ll know they take some time. Recipe link here. Just one banana (mashed), one egg (beaten), mixed in with a handful of oats.

I also added a dash of cinnamon and vanilla extract, as Karlie suggests, and used coconut oil in the pan. Smells. So. Good.




I topped with greek yogurt, bananas, and organic honey. Try it out! You’ll love it.



Valentine’s Day: Look pretty in pink and winter warm

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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a good day so far! I’m feeling pretty in pink, and I can almost feel the love in the air! (Though that might just be because I watched ‘Fifty Shades Darker‘ yesterday).


It rained yesterday and this morning in typical pre-Spring fashion, so this pavement is splotchy beyond reason. Though, it’s nothing these hot pink, bow-adorned, jelly heels can’t handle! Socks and sandals, I know, are a quite the fashion no-no, but a) in winter, it’s just plain practical, and b) it’s cute!


One of my favourite colours is pink, and this coat from New Look reminds me of a dusty rose shade, or muted cotton candy. It’s so warm, great for layering under, and I wear it with everything!


I bought this heart-patterned cardigan a couple of years ago, and only now am I breaking it out on the day of love! It reminds me of something off ‘The Mindy Project‘, which makes me love it even more.

I’ve worn the striped top underneath maybe 30-40 times since I bought it a few months ago. A black-and-white striped top is a wardrobe classic, and I consider it a neutral, like black, camel, or navy, simply because it goes with everything, patterned or otherwise!


OUTFIT: TopBHS / CardiganDorothy Perkins / SkirtTopshop / CoatNew Look / HeelsASOS / BagFrank Walder / SocksHairband H&M / EarringsI AM

Coming Up Roses: Peacocks floral embroidered choker and ankle boots with faux leather jacket

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— Scroll down to the bottom of the post for outfit details —

It’s Valentine’s Day in just two days, so since I won’t be getting a dozen red roses this year, I decided to buy some for myself! One of my favourite colours to wear is red, whether it’s in the form of a lipstick, an accessory, or an item of clothing. This top is actually a cardigan that I’ve buttoned up, but since it’s obviously cold here in England (2ºC and below all week!) I have a red top by Bershka underneath.



Two things are all the rage right now in fashion trends: chokers, and anything embroidered. This post has got both! How beautiful is this choker? If you want one for yourself, buy it here from Peacocks – on sale now for £4 (it comes as part of a set of two)! I love the bright green embroidered leaves and the delicately sewn roses. So much beauty in such a little piece.


You can buy these gorgeous boots from Peacocks – just click here! Oh, and they’re on sale for £20.80!


If you (hopefully) follow me on Instagram (@najhamadeh) you’ll recognise the boots and choker from my post a couple of weeks ago. If not, check it out here!

(Fun fact: Peacocks reposted the picture on Instagram (pretty cool) which you can see here!)


OUTFIT: TopSuite Blanco / TrousersDorothy Perkins / Jacket – River Island / Boots + Choker Peacocks / Baggift

Trench It Up: mustard yellow and navy colour clash with skinny jeans

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— Scroll down to the bottom of the post for outfit details —

Happy Fashion Friday! It’s still grey and raining here in exciting old England. I wish for snowfall or hail or a raging storm, but things are just calm, quiet, and pretty wet.

The trench coat was made for this kind of weather. I usually layer under it because it isn’t made of thick material. Also, this navy trench from New Look (bought 7 or 8 years ago) is loose-fitting, so I can layer to my heart’s content. Honestly, though, like probably every other fashion-loving human on the planet, I daydream of the classic beige Burberry trench. #WardrobeWishList


Mustard yellow (though this top has an orange tinge) is perfect for this weather. It’s not too bright (I usually save those for summer) and it goes with so many colours (bet you didn’t know that!). I’ve got so many mustard pieces in my wardrobe—both clothes and accessories—and my favourite ever neutral to pair them with is fudge. Hands down. They’re both of a warmer palette and they complement each other too well to ignore.


Feeling like the autumnal caped crusader!

And the ankle boots: glorious for every kind of weather. I love these ones from Bershka because they’re pretty comfy despite the heel, though they’re definitely not for long-distance walking or shopping trips. Your feet’ll hurt something terrible.


I am desperately in love with this belt and I can’t tell you enough how much I wear it. I got it from Baklash, a vintage shop in Nottingham, and it’s total bliss. It goes with so much and it has this bohemian, Wild West, Ralph Lauren vibe to it which makes it cool as ice. So, yeah. J’adore.


OUTFIT: TopARS Line / JeansDorothy Perkins / CoatNew Look / BootsBershka / BagSuite Blanco / Necklacevintage / BeltBaklash

Dress Like the Weather: Brave the rain with a turquoise colour pop and 50 shades of grey and black

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— Scroll down to the bottom of the post for outfit details —

It’s been cold, gloomy, and raining all week, so today, I dressed like it. Sometimes, when the sky is grey and the sun can’t seem to shine through, I like bright colours to lighten the mood. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But, other times, I like to dress like the weather. Dark and heavy, with a pretty bright bag, like a light at the end of the tunnel.


This bolero-style wool sweater is one of my favourites. The pattern is quite old-fashioned, I think—maybe the kind of thing your grandma might knit for you—and I love that. Plus, it’s so warm!

These high-waisted trousers are my favourite. They’re comfy, they go with everything, but most of all, they’re flattering.


I just love this turquoise bag. It reminds me of the ocean and sea-foam. And, right here, in the bleak midwinter, it’s got me dreaming of summer. It’s bright and calming, at the same time, and that’s how I like it. My uncle got it for me on a trip to Morocco, and it’s too beautiful.


OUTFIT: Top + BootsNew Look / Sweater2Xtremz / TrousersDorothy Perkins / CoatPrecis Petite / Baggift / ChokerEtsy / LipstickRimmel