Colourful Khaki

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Middle-Eastern summers burn you up and tire you out and, to be honest, the heat’s making my brain a little fuzzy. It’s hard to think about shooting your next blog post when really all you want is the air conditioner turned up! But it got done, so here it is.


We got back to Lebanon nearly ten days ago, and we’re staying until the 30th, which means lots more time for new blog posts (I hope! Being here can get pretty chaotic with all the running-around). But this post had all its pictures done when we were still in Jeddah so putting it up right now is really all but a baby’s job.


Short and sleeveless are really the only two words that spring to mind when planning an outfit in the dead of summer. Anything long and tight all but stops the blood in your veins. So, r.e. that pair of frumpy short you probably own and have stuffed in the back of your wardrobe? Here’s a not-so-frumpy outfit idea! (and me pretending I’m not sweltering)


Let’s talk accessories. First, these glasses: they’re Nicole Miller and one of the only pairs (aside from another set a few years ago) that I’ve ever really loved and suited my face shape 100%.


The bag (and lipstick) offer a much-needed pop of colour to a more earth-toned outfit.

As for the jewellery, I forget where I got them from – it’s hard to keep track when you bought some of them a few years ago!


OUTFIT: TopNext / ShortsPull & Bear / ShoesDorothy Perkins / BagSuite Blanco / WatchPierre Cardin / Jewelleryold, unknown / Lipstick  – The Body Shop


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