New Year, New Blog

We are officially in 2017 territory; two days into it, actually.

For those of you who check out my posts, I used to post here on blogspot up until last week. WordPress seems to be the platform most bloggers use, so that’s the simple reason for my transition. You can have a read of some of my content on my blogspot page for a taste of what’s to come right here!

But 2017 is finally here and the days are flying by. In a couple of days, I’ll be going back to England, and, in under two weeks, I’ll be back at university to start my final ever spring semester.

This year for me, as with any graduate-to-be, is overwhelming and terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I could end up literally anywhere, especially with what I want to do, which is writing for a fashion, travel, or lifestyle magazine. But I could also graduate and not end up anywhere if I’m not careful and don’t play my cards right.

I’m hopeful, though, and positivity and optimism are two crucial mindsets to enter the new year with. Also, determination: I’m determined to push myself, to further my abilities, and to get myself known within my field. Blogging, I’ve seen, is one great way to do this. So, here’s hoping!

I’m actually going to focus on fashion and travel because that’s where my interests lie. I adore my fashion sense (as most people adore their own) and it hit me one day: why not share that with the world?

I’ve always been self-conscious about my looks, both face and body-wise. I hate being photographed because I feel awkward and out-of-proportion and am way too aware that the camera puts on 10 pounds. I’m exercising and have been on a strict diet since last February (though the Christmas season has, uh, sewed my trousers a bit tighter whoops), but I’m back on track.

But forcing myself to showcase my outfits which I have so much fun picking out will push me to get comfortable being in front of the camera and posing for the shots I want. Being confronted with the reality of this is important because it will get me to where I want to be. To be part of the fashion industry, you’ve got to be confident, no question. As a fashion blogger, I’ll be able to control the number of trial pictures I take before I put them on the blog, and so I won’t feel helpless.


How do you feel about being photographed?

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